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Competences for Universities using Technology in education and Institutional Empowerment

About the cutie project

The CUTIE project is a European partnership dedicated to developing strategic approaches to enhance teachers’ digital competences within Higher Education, which can be implemented at institutional and departmental levels, thus facilitating a systematic impact by taking key action steps. CUTIE goes beyond developing teachers’ digital skills by broadening its perspective to an institutional one, influencing both policy and practice. This project is formed by 7 partner institutions within the EU –funded by the EU Commission through the Erasmus + programme with the aim to gain a wider reach through institutions in different countries. 

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About the Institutions

This project brings together a unique consortium of institutions, all deeply invested in supporting the professional development of academic teachers. While our daily work may involve teaching directly or providing dedicated support services, we share a common understanding: overworked educators cannot effectively prioritize their own digital upskilling. Recognizing the need for systemic change, we have combined our expertise to target a higher level – decision makers like deans and rectors. By convincing them of the importance of digital competence development within their institutions, we aim to create a lasting and supportive environment for all academic teachers. 

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of student voices in shaping educational experiences. Our efforts ultimately aim to empower teachers with the digital skills they need to provide the best possible education for future generations.

Project Partners

University of Akureyri


University of Galway


AGH University of Krakow


University of Murcia


University of Copenhagen


University of Zagreb


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